How a user’s journey starts from logging onto your dashboard to navigating through the portal and ending up with a successfully finished task – this is, in short, the task of a user experience designer (UX). At Lasso our designer’s name is Ieva and she is improving the portal so that it would always be logical for the end-user.  But mostly, she is the sole designer behind our new robotic tool called the editor.

So how did you get into UX and computers?

“The funny thing is I never thought I would be working with computers. But I developed an appreciation for the role that UX and web development (Front-end development, in particular) play in creating well thought out digital solutions. That is when I decided to acquire an education that would deepen my understanding and knowledge of both - UX and programming. So, I got accepted into Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (Københavns Erhvervsakademi) and moved to Copenhagen, where I took an Associate’s degree in Multimedia Design and Communication first, followed by a professional BA in Digital Concept Development.”

Before moving to Copenhagen, Ieva left Latvia in 2007 when she was 19 years old and moved to the state of Illinois in America, where she took her first degree in Graphic Design at College of DuPage. But she quickly became aware of the limitations with print and decided, after working in the field for some years in Latvia, that she wanted to work with and focus on digital products.

And now you’re here working at Lasso – how is that like?

“Even though we are a small company, we are a very dynamic one. The atmosphere is very formal yet informal. We have a lot of talented and friendly people working here and we like to spend some outside-work time together – every other Wednesday we do yoga, every Friday morning we have a common breakfast and finish the day with a Friday bar etc.”

And what are your basic tasks at Lasso?

“My basic tasks are to improve user interface (UI) and experience design for the Lasso portal. In addition, I am responsible for all of improved brand identity layouts needed to be produced for our clients and various events. But what I’m mostly proud of, is designing the UX and UI of our latest project – the robotic journalism editor.”

Okay, lets pause here for a minute - What is an editor?

“The editor is a robotic journalism tool that will be used by journalist to create news based on structured publicly available data in an optimized way, in order to save their own time. Basically, a personal assistant to write their own articles in their tone of voice.”

Why is it so interesting?

“Personally, the editor project is what made me realize I wanted to work for Lasso. My dream has always been to work with new tech tools that are going to make history.”

Is the editor going to make history?

“I am certain it will and I’m very proud to be part of that step towards the future.”